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For 20 years, Industrie Ressources has encouraged companies to take the means to recruit the best thanks to:

  • Constantly updated knowledge of evolving management and recruitment trends;
  • A deep understanding of the challenges that every leader must face on the job regularly;
  • Rigorous procedures, in-depth investigations, and a humanistic approach that allow Industrie Ressources to organize meetings that benefit both employers and candidates;
  • Pairing individuals within organizations to allow them to better develop and realize their full potential in a healthy environment;
  • Its ability to respond to the needs of companies which, in a time of talent shortages, are challenged to offer competitive salaries, work/family flexibility, adequate technological tools;
  • Its ability to respond to the desires of candidates who are looking for an enriched environment in which they find a culture of collaboration, recognition, constructive coaching, opportunities to improve their skills in order to fulfill themselves as a person and a professional.

They must:

  • Be a career coach and psychologist;
  • Specialize in the recruitment of executives and managers;
  • Know the client company, collaborate, and be able to gauge others correctly;
  • Have the seriousness and the intelligence to influence and advise leaders at all levels, by providing them with information at each stage;
  • Mastering social recruitment;
  • Be a strategic and proactive recruiter, not reactive;
  • Know how to develop your talent pool;
  • Build deep relationships, find candidates, and make them want to respond!;
  • Carry out precise and informed interviews, from phone pre-selection to in-depth evaluation. Focus on past performance, suitability for the job, and motivation of candidates;
  • Objectivity, curiosity, insight, thoughtfulness, and meticulousness;
  • Know your market perfectly;
  • Maintain close links with recruitment officers;
  • In-depth knowledge of the labour market;
  • Have a business sense in favor of the company;
  • Understand the real needs of each position, both from a technical point of view and in terms of results;
  • Build a network to identify, assess, and recruit outstanding passive candidates;
  • Do not waste time presenting poor candidates but candidates who meet or exceed the objectives;
  • Technological know-how, monitoring of procedures, attention to detail, and systematization;
  • Be persuasive, have business acumen,  maintain a dialogue and, a close relationship with the best candidates;
  • Have an approach that allows the targeted candidate to reach their full potential.

Approaches are made in person, rarely by email. Our straightforward approach techniques are done by the book to gain the trust and obtain the collaboration of the passive candidates whom we solicit. The goal is to detect the best candidates, evaluate them, and present them to you.

An in-depth analysis of the candidate in relation to the position is essential. When you make an offer to the finalist, you will know almost everything about them.

  • The candidate’s detailed and relevant technical profile directly related to the position;
  • The candidate’s ability to make decisions;
  • How the candidate reacts to stress;
  • The candidate’s strengths and development opportunities;
  • The candidate’s motivational factors;
  • The candidate’s management skills level;
  • The candidate’s values must be compatible with those of the employer;
  • References from former employers or colleagues.

The more details we have on the position you have to fill, the better the result. It all starts from there!

  • The accuracy and depth of the initial information: what is, what you want, what you don’t want;
  • The scope of our expertise: more than 20 years of collaboration with hundreds of SMEs;
  • A very structured and relentless search;
  • Regular monitoring informing you of the progress of the procedures.
  • Your company becomes the place where everyone wants to work;
  • Your employees become ambassadors, speaking highly of you outside of the workplace;
  • Your employees are more fulfilled and more invested in their work;
  • Your productivity is improved;
  • Your staff retention improves significantly.

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