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«OUR experience at YOUR service! "

In 1995, Diane Daniel founded Industrie Ressources. She specializes in the recruitment of senior and mid-level managers as well as professionals in the industrial and engineering sectors throughout Quebec.

The growth of a company is based on continuous investment in building a team of quality people who will participate in its evolution.

We understand the challenges facing companies in today’s society: automation, competition, business development, client’s satisfaction, crisis management, profitability.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining good employees is often at the heart of the issues. And this is where our vast experience makes the difference. Employee psychology is no secret to us; we know what most are looking for and, most importantly, what the best ones want.

Our main goal is to discover executives who stand out not only for the quality of their expertise, but also for their ability to effectively manage employees in a climate conducive to everyone’s success.

Industrie Ressources

Results Oriented


Diane Daniel - Industrie Ressources

Diane Daniel

President and research Strategist

Human resources professional with leadership in relations with all those involved during a recruitment mandate. I put my talent at your service.

As a human resources professional, I demonstrate leadership in dealing with all those involved in a recruitment mandate. I put my talent to work for you.

Over time, I have built a vast network of contacts. My clients hire me for my knowledge and expertise in recruitment, the quality of my consulting services, but foremost, for the results.

Thanks to my authenticity, honesty, and reliability, I know how to establish solid relationships at all levels. I am very transparent and always carry out an in-depth analysis of a satisfactory result and a winning collaboration.

My main satisfaction?

Find THE candidate you need for a “perfect match”!


Diane Daniel

President - Industrie Ressources
Diane Daniel - Industrie Ressources

Our role is not to "sell" a position or "sell" a candidate. It’s about finding the right candidate for the right job. This is the very basis of our credibility!

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